18 Sep

September News at ERCLC

Our 6-12 grade students leading campfire songs at our 2015 SCICON retreat

Our 6-12 grade students leading campfire songs at our 2015 SCICON retreat


erclc_newsIt has been an amazing start to our homeschool year, with the homeschooling conference, parent workshops, and older student retreat in addition to the start of enrichment and support classes.

The energy and ideas that everyone brings to our homeschooling community is amazing.  Now that the initial rush is over, we hope you can settle into your own homeschooling lessons, routines, and explorations.

Test Scores and Assessments 

Official state test scores from last spring (elegantly named the CAASPP) are expected any day now, and your EC will review the results with you.  Our ERCLC community has also felt that more detailed and responsive assessments will help our students and families throughout the year.  We’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response to students taking the optional MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress) assessments.  If your student(s) took the MAP assessment, your EC will review the results with you at your next meeting.  If you would still like your student(s) to do the MAP assessment, there will be another opportunity on Sept 15, 16, or 17th from 10am to noon in Elderberry.  Most students have needed about two hours to complete the MAP assessment.  After these test sessions, the MAP assessment will be closed until winter. In Fresno, students can also test on Wednesday, Sept 16 from 9:30 to 1:00pm.

Personal Belief Exemption

In a separate area of state accountability, ERCLC has received word from our legal council that it is their interpretation that ERCLC families can still claim the Personal Belief Exemption under recent law SB 277 because we are considered an independent study program.  Your support and cooperation with all of the requirements for our public charter school– regarding shots or scores– will allow us to sustain this creative and innovative homeschooling community.

Congratulations to Teacher Bobbi and Family

On the birth of William Quinn– we look forward to seeing them on campus in a few weeks.  Do you have some good news to share with our community?  Email your news to our new student newspaper thefire@erclc.org and/or come to the Newspaper and Comics class on Tuesdays at 1:30 with Mary Lee.

Enrichment and Support Classes

It’s great to see so many students coming to enrichment and support classes.  Schedules and descriptions can be found here.  Please remember to be on time, sign your child in/out if an adult isn’t staying on campus, and that K-6 students who are not in class must be directly supervised by an adult.

Primary Math Workshop Resources

Thanks to everyone who attended the Primary Math Workshops last week.  A lot of great ideas and resources were shared.  The handouts are available here, and a collection of math links can be found here on Symbaloo.

Narrative Writing

We would like a Narrative Writing sample (a true or fictional story) at your October EC meeting, in addition to all your work.  This will help us track writing growth and provide feedback to you and your student.  Future writing samples will be Expository in February and Opinion/Argumentative in May.  Your EC can help you with any resources or questions.

Write On

In some of our elementary enrichment classes, you will notice that we are using journals to encourage students to jot down thoughts, lists, ideas or pictures.  We hope this will give everyone more ideas and experience with a variety of writing activities.  We also have a beautiful, leather-bound book (thanks Swan family) in the library waiting to be filled with the creative writing of our students.  Stop by and see how it begins, and add something yourself. Help create our own “never ending story.”

Working on Ideas at Ideaworks

ERCLC has partnered with Ideaworks, the amazing makerspace in Fresno, to help subsidize the cost of a student or parent membership for this academic year.  ERCLC will reimburse families half the cost of an Ideaworks membership for the year, with the understanding that these families will share what they learn or create at our own Maker Faire in January.  Go to fresnoideaworks.org for more information and to sign up.  For questions, contact daniel@erclc.org  

Digging Minecraft

We have three ERCLC only worlds of Minecraft waiting for students to explore them.  If your student is interested in joining in this exploration, more information can be found here.  Email ron@erclc.org for details on how to download the Minecraft Edu software (free) and log in from home.  Please note that you will need an Apple or Windows computer, since Minecraft can’t run on the Chromebooks.

Passion for Learning Projects

A core mission of Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center is to inspire a passion for learning.  To that end, we have created a grant fund where students can submit a proposal to ERCLC to help support or develop a project of deep interest to the student.  This might be a specialized tool, book, software, or resource that will help the student achieve his or her project.  Most project requests should be under $100.  An important aspect of the project will be to present it to our community at Exploration Day, Maker Faire, Research Day, the county Science Fair, or some other workshop or event.  If your student is interested in submitting a written proposal, complete this brief interest survey to be emailed the guidelines and official request form.

Upcoming Events

See our Calendar here

  • Exploring California Campouts

Families exploring California are headed to Van Damme State Beach September 18-20. We will meet September 23rd at noon to plan and sign up for the next campout at Pinnacles National Park, October 9-11.  A complete outline of campouts is here, you can join the Facebook group “ERCLC Exploring California,” or you can email yasoda@erclc.org to be added to the planning email list.

  • Nature Restoration Planting Day

October 2, 9:00-12:00  Bring your work gloves and help with planting and maintenance, and at the same time learn about native species. There are big plans to expand restoration to the back part of the property this year. For information, email jeff@erclc.org