12 Aug

August News at ERCLC


The first official day of homeschooling is Aug 22!

Welcome to a new year of homeschooling with Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center.  If this is your first year, or your 12th, we are excited to support you in homeschooling your student.  Your education coordinator (EC) will be meeting with you starting next week to get to know your learning goals, help you select curricula and resources, and orient you to the many events we have planned for the year.

Enrichment and support classes will begin on Monday, Aug 29 for grades 6-12 and on Tuesday, Sept 6th for grades K-6.  These classes are optional, and serve to supplement your homeschooling lessons. Schedules for both will be available from your EC at your first meeting, and on our website.

To help you start the year, we are offering Homeschool Kickoff Days for parents of grades K-6 and grades 6-12.   We are also changing the format for our K-6 parent workshops, with more details to come.  Last year’s Exploring California family campouts proved so popular that we are making them a regular part of the activities we offer, with the first one being Sept 16-18 in Balch Park.  And as you can see below, we have much more planned for the year.


Upcoming Events:

(A complete list is on our website calendar and here.)

Camp Tulequoia Aug 19-21

Grades 6-12 student retreat at Camp Tulequoia.  Led by staff, we invite our older students on a weekend retreat of teambuilding, leadership, and games in the beautiful lakeside camp.  A bus will leave ERCLC at 11 AM on Friday and return Sunday around noon.   There is no cost to attend– Don’t miss it! Contact Peggy@erclc.org for more information.  Please sign up with Nancy McFadden; you may call 592-9160 x206, email (nancy@erclc.org) or stop by.

K-6 Curriculum Workshop Aug 23

Curriculum Basics:  Overview sessions for those unfamiliar with Primary (Singapore) Math, and All About Reading.  Sessions from 9-10:15 and 10:30-noon, so you can attend one or both.

Homeschool Kickoff Days

To help you get your homeschooling year started, we invite you to come to our Homeschooling Kickoff days.  

  • Grades 6-12: Wednesday, Aug 24 from 9 am to noon.  

For students and parents, ERCLC staff will guide you through the options when homeschooling your older student, and the types of support we offer.  Details and schedule here.

  • Grades K-6: Tuesday and Thursday, Aug 30 and Sept 1st from 9am to noon (come both mornings).  ERCLC staff will share ideas to help start your homeschooling year.  Focused on parents of grades K-6, child activities and supervision will be provided while parents attend the workshops.  We will have grade specific sessions on reading, writing, math and science/social studies.  Details and schedule here.

Family Camping Sept 16-18

The first camping trip of the year is right around the corner.  We will begin taking sign ups for Balch Park Campground beginning August 24th.  This trip will be September 16-18 and we have space for 80 campers.  Sign up with Nancy.


We ask that all students participate in benchmark assessments scheduled throughout the year.  K-1 Students will do a brief individual assessment scheduled with an EC.  For grades 2-12, MAP assessments will be held August 16-26, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  You may bring your student when it is convenient for you, such as during your first meeting with your EC.  The computer based test takes about an hour for math, and an hour for reading.   Please help ERCLC keep our charter in good standing, and help us to assist you in your homeschooling, by participating in all required assessments.  A summary of assessments can be found here  


Around the World

The year’s theme, Around the World, inspired us to literally go around the world.  Please consider joining us in walking, running, swimming or biking the distance it takes to go all the way around the world, 25,000 miles! Keep your eyes peeled for updates.  Also start thinking about how you can be involved on World’s Fair Day, Tuesday, December 6th.  This will be a fun day with students, parents, and staff sharing a variety of learning activities from around the world.


Library News

I hope your summer has been restful and restorative! As we approach the new school year, consider the following:

  • Return completed summer check-outs and outstanding resources back at your first meeting with your EC, especially math and All About Reading.
  • Accounts must be clear to check new resources out.

What to expect:

  • New families will create an account/ returning families will update information
  • Library cards are not issued, just give your student’s name
  • A maximum of 30 resources per student, includes curriculum
  • A lending of 30 days; textbooks – all school year as long as in use
  • Students may check books out on their own. If this is not your preference, let Ananda know.
  • One level of consumable for enrolled students at a time
  • Unenrolled siblings will need their own curriculum purchased
  • Check outs are reserved for current students first


As you are considering resource options, don’t forget to check out ERCLC’s Symbaloo site. The site has links to good educational websites. Check back periodically as the links will be revised.


Parent Square

Parent Square is a communication app for parents at ERCLC.  It allows for easy and personalized communication by app notifications, text message, email or webpage.  If you don’t have an account, you will soon be sent an email invitation to create one.

ERCLC on FaceBook

Many our our parents, staff, and older students are members of the Facebook Group, Friends of ERCLC.

Passion for Learning Projects

A core mission of Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center is to inspire a passion for learning.  To that end, we have a grant fund where students can submit a proposal to ERCLC to help support or develop a project of deep interest to the student.  This might be a specialized tool, book, software, or resource that will help the student achieve his or her project.  Most project requests should be under $100.  An important aspect of the project will be to present it to our community at our World’s Fair, Maker Faire, Research Day, the county Science Fair, or some other workshop or event.  Your Education Coordinator will provide you with information on how to submit a written proposal.

See you soon!