11 Aug

Back to Homeschool News…

Welcome Back! This year’s theme is Homemade.

From homemade food, to homemade crafts, and of course – homemade education. We are going to celebrate and share all the wonderful ways great things are made at home.  We hope you had a great summer, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Important Dates:

Aug 14 – First day back for Education Coordinators– staff meeting

Aug 15-18 – First meetings with your Education Coordinator (EC) – we will contact you to schedule your meeting.  Students in grades 2-11 will come in to complete the MAP test.

Aug 21 – First day of Homeschooling (as far as counting attendance)

Aug 21 – Solar Eclipse Potluck Brunch!

Aug 23 – Grades 6-12 Back to Homeschooling Kickoff:

  • Kick off the year with a special day around homeschooling for parents and students in middle and high school from 9 to 1:30.  Our staff will give you a quick overview of the different course expectations, and their tips for success.  

Aug 23-25 – Retreat for 6-12th grade students at Camp Sequoia Lake

  • Right after our 6-12 grade Homeschooling Kickoff, all our 6-12 grade students are encouraged to join us for a three-day, two-night retreat to Camp Sequoia Lake.  We will provide bus transport to and from Camp Sequoia Lake, leaving ERCLC Wednesday at 2pm and returning Friday, Aug 25 before noon.

Aug 28 – Grades 6-12 Enrichment and Support classes begin (Mon/Wed)*

Aug 29, 31 – Grades K-6 Back to Homeschool Kickoff

  • Start the year with a special day around homeschooling for parents and students in the elementary grades from 9 to noon.  Our staff will give you a quick overview of the different curriculum and resource options, and their tips for success.  

Sept 5 – Elementary Enrichment begins (Tue/Thur)*

*Enrichment schedules will be available at your first meeting in August

MAP Assessments:

  • Students in grades 2-11 will take the MAP assessment.  These assessments will be conducted August 15-18 and August 21-25, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The language arts and math portions take between one and two hours in total. K-1 students will be individually assessed with an Education Coordinator.

Parent Workshops:

  • This year we will be offering more options for parent workshops, with the hope that you will find a variety of topics and times to meet your needs.  In order to best support your student, we ask parents of all grades to commit to attending at least two workshops in the fall, and another two in the spring.  

Solar Eclipse Potluck Brunch:

  • August 21st is the solar eclipse.  We will be having a potluck brunch at 10:00 am for all who would like to come to campus for this event.  We have purchased eclipse glasses for this event, one per family.  Pick yours up in the office during your first meeting with your EC, or on the 21st.

Yosemite National Park:

  • September 8-10 – Come explore CA with ERCLC families. We will camp at Hodgson Meadows. This national treasure is in our neighborhood. It should be extraordinary with creeks and waterfalls. Sign up with Nancy during your first meeting. Please stop by or email Yasoda with any questions, yasoda@erclc.org

Forestry Challenge:

  • Opportunity for students in grades 9-12. Forestry Challenge is a multi-day intensive forestry experience in the Sierra. This year the dates are October 11-14 at Quaker Meadows Camp above Porterville, and October 25-28 at Leoni Meadows Camp above Sacramento. The later camp is for students who have previously attended Forestry Challenge. Typically, preparation and attendance at Forestry Challenge is counted as credit towards a science or an elective. Go to www.Forestrychallenge.org to see what a great program this is. ERCLC covers the cost for students. Contact Jeff Alexander, Jeff@erclc.org to reserve a spot, and for additional information. Please let Jeff know as soon as possible if your student is interested so that preparation classes can be scheduled.

More Upcoming Events:

Click here for a list of upcoming events throughout the school year.