02 Oct

October 2017 Newsletter

Important Dates

  • October 4 – DATE CHANGE – 4:30 pm – High School Trip Fundraising/Planning Meeting – Sage Classroom (previously October 11th)
  • October 6-8 – Lake Solano Park camping trip
  • October 6 – Nature Restoration Workday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • October 9 – Staff Development Day – No ERCLC Classes
  • October 10 – 11:00 am Booster Club Meeting
  • October 10 – 4:30 pm – ERCLC Board Meeting
  • October 13 – 9:45 am – Hillcrest Pumpkin Patch and Hayride
  • October 19 – HS trip deposit due – by 4:30 pm
  • October 16-20 – Meeting Week – No Classes
  • October 19 – 10:30 am – Civil War Reenactment – Kearney Park, Fresno
  • October 24 – 1:00 pm  – Young People’s Concert
  • October 26 – ERCLC School Wide Talent Show and Fundraising Soup Supper – 5:30 pm

Parent Workshops

Thursday, Oct. 5 at 10:45 – Education Resource Services (ERS). We have an amazing resource available to us with the ERS library.  Come learn all it has to offer and how you may want to utilize it in your teaching and learning.

Wednesday, Oct. 11 at 3:30 – High School Math Class Workshop. This workshop will be focusing on how to support your child if they are taking the HS Math with Eric on M/W.

Thursday, Oct. 12 at 10:45 – Elementary Math Workshop.  Tracey from TCOE will be presenting a math workshop as well as have individual help sessions all day.

Thursday, Oct. 12 – Elementary Math Help Sessions. Talk to your EC to sign up for a 25 min. session with Tracey from TCOE to get specific help for your child.  These appointments are limited so sign-up early.

Wednesday, Oct. 25 at 3:30 – Jr. High Math Workshop. Tracey from TCOE will be presenting a workshop as well as have individual help sessions all day.

Wednesday, Oct. 25 – Jr. High Math Help Sessions. Talk to your EC to sign up for a 25 min. session with Tracey from TCOE to get specific help for your child.

Thursday, Oct. 26 at 10:45 – Capturing Creativity. This workshop is about creativity and how to encourage it in our kids. Workshop flier is here.

Event Info

High School Trip

This year’s trip will be to Catalina Island for sea and science explorations, the week of May 21, 2018. We want to meet with all interested students and parents on Wed. Oct 4 @ 4:30 pm in the Sage classroom. We will begin organizing for the Soup Supper fundraiser on Oct. 26. The deposit deadline for this trip is Thursday, Oct. 19 @ 4:30 pm. Deposits are now being accepted by Eric Sullivan. If money is an issue, please come talk to Peggy, Matt, or Eric. We never want lack of funds to stand in the way!

Crystal Cove Moro Campground, Laguna Beach

November 3 – 5 – We are camping by the beach. Come enjoy the sand, relax and read a book or explore the coastline. Sign Up to Camp with Nancy starting October 9

Booster Club Meeting

Tuesday, Oct 10th at 11am – Our parent booster club needs your support.  Please come to our meeting in the library before lunch to learn how to be involved.

SAVE THE Yearbook!

October 11 @ Noon – One LAST opportunity for a lunchtime meeting to  help to complete the 60 page yearbook in order to commit to the contract for the 2017-’18.  Parents and student advisors will sign up to guide the making of sections of the yearbook.  Please come and learn more about using the online software, photo storage and creating the sections of the yearbook.

Hillcrest Pumpkin Patch and Hayride

Friday, Oct. 13 at 9:45 am  Students can ride the hayride and choose a pumpkin to take home. ERCLC will pay for enrolled students. Free admission for parents and siblings; $3 charge for the hayride. Bring lunch if you’d like to eat together afterwards. Sign up with Nancy.

Picture Day!

Oct. 16th from 9a.m. – noon – Please put October 16th in your calendars for Picture Day. From 9-10am Verissimo Photography will photograph our TK-5th graders, and directly afterwards, the young ones will take a group picture on the front steps of the Library. From 10ish -11am, our 6th-12th graders will get their individual portraits followed by a group picture on the steps. Please be aware that any returned payments will result in picture deletion. If you have any questions, please ask heather at erclc.org

Picture Day Bake Sale

Oct, 16 from 9am – noon  The Deep Dive class has picked the location to which they will be traveling, Scotland! To kick off our fundraising, we will have our annual bake sale on Picture Day. Arrive with the anticipation of noshing! Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts!

Civil War Reenactment Field Trip

Thursday, October 19 – This event is intended for 5th and 8th grade students studying U.S. History, but other grades are welcome to come.  Unfortunately, they do not want any pre-school age children at the event.  Students will witness a small battle and then visit a variety of learning stations focusing on different aspects and people of the Civil War.  You can either meet at the school at 10:15 to get on the bus or meet us up in Fresno at Kearney Park at 11:30.  Students in 5th grade and up can attend by themselves, bus returns to school at 4:30.  Sign-up with Nancy.  Contact Matt with any questions.

Nature Restoration Workdays

Professor Bobby Kamansky and COS students will be here on the following dates. ERCLC students and parents are welcome to participate.

  • October 6, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. Goals: cultivate and spread seed and improve pollinator gardens, plant grasses, remove exotic species, create burn piles.
  • November 3, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm. Goals: improve demonstration sites, plant trees, shrubs and burn.
  • November 25, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Young People’s Concert

Tuesday, October 24 @ 1:00 We have reserved 70 seats for this event. This concert is for 3rd to 8th grade students. We will meet in front of the L.J. Williams Theater at 12:30 pm.  TIckets will go to students first and our staff will chaperone.  If we have extra tickets, parents may attend.  We are sorry, students younger than 3rd grade will not be able to attend this concert.  Contact Rose Ann for information.  Please sign up with Nancy.

Talent Show & Soup Supper

Thursday, October 26 – Open to all K-12 students, come and share your talents.  Individual or group talents and performances are welcome.  Students who wish to participate must sign up no later than Thursday, October 19 on the clipboard outside of Eric’s office.  Invite family and friends for the pre-show soup supper. This is a fundraiser for the high school trip to Catalina Island.

Passion Projects  

A core mission of Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center is to inspire a passion for learning in our students.  To that end, we have created a grant fund where students can submit a proposal to ERCLC to help support or develop a project of deep interest to the student.  This might be a specialized tool, book, hardware, or resource that will help the student achieve his or her project.  A final part of the project will be to share what the student has learned at one of our ERCLC or county events.  To learn more and submit a passion project proposal, talk to your EC and download the form here.  

Expanding Your Horizons STEM Conference

The last day on which to register with Heather or Nancy is October 10th. This conference is for young women in grades 4th-10th. It is designed to nurture girls’ interests in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. ERCLC will pick up the tab for our students; however, they must be accompanied by a parent. The date of the actual conference is Saturday, November 4th from 8am – 2:30pm. Lunch is provided for the students.

Robotics Club

If your elementary student is interested in joining a Robotics Club, please email Thu Duong-Paul at spottedt2 at gmail.com to learn more.  Meetings times are still to be determined but will be held at ERCLC.


Scholastic October Book Order

The October book order is open and due: Thursday, October 19th. The Scholastic Book Fair will be in the library Nov. 6-9. The library will receive new titles from a percentage of the sales. There are no book orders for November and December. An Usborne Book Fair will be in the library before the spring break.

No Knives

A reminder that California law prohibits students from bringing knives, even tiny multi-tool ones, onto any school campus.  Please leave them at home.

Kitchen Etiquette

The kitchen is used by both families and staff, so please help us by doing your part.  Clean up after yourself and your children.  We cannot provide utensils, dishes, etc. for everyone so please bring your own.  And everyone should bring their own water bottle.  The cupboards and refrigerator in the kitchen are for staff use only.  Please use the fridge in the parent lounge.