13 Jan

Ananda Inagami

It w[EDOPHOTO]-8999254as serendipitous coming to ERCLC in 2002 when the school transitioned 30+ students from the Exeter storefront to our present seven acres. With a built-in bookcase, a full size couch and being greeted by a toddling baby offering earnest fistfuls of cheerios – I felt at home.
ERCLC was then a one room schoohouse with half the space, an all purpose karate/band/classroom/lunchroom with a motorhome as back-up. Shortly after, my son enrolled. The land was wild and unruly yet, undeniably inviting with yes, the original “hole.” Some of our founders: Klara East, Sara Sample, Denise Carmen, and Rose Ann Gutierrez were here, as well as Peggy, Bryan, and Jeri Hoag.
I was thrilled to be in an environment where I could be with children. The development of children is fascinating with the interesting variables of genetics, sun, soil, water, weather and environmental factors resulting in innumerable outcomes and timings in which children hit milestones that are never the same.
Earlier, curiosity lead me roaming to India, Nepal, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, England, etc. I’m almost near completion for my Library Tech Certification and also attended the University of Hawaii.
I delight in stories communicated in any form and feel lucky to be at the library. On my own time, I may be found squeezing my son, cat and dog, visiting friends, escaping to art museums, going for a walk/hike, or planting seeds for future ventures.