13 Jan

Daniel Huecker

[EDOPHOTO]-8999253I love working with families at Eleanor Roosevelt. I try to draw on my love of learning and past work in biology, agriculture, art, technology and communications to help provide ideas and develop great activities. I have a degree in Biology from Bowdoin College, and a masters in Media Studies from MIT. Before becoming a teacher I worked for the city of Santa Barbara, taught photography in Guatemala, coordinated a research project at Harvard Medical School, and harvested peaches on my family farm in Missouri.

Some of the past enrichment classes I’ve taught include: Photography and Writing, Video, Digital Storytelling, Bugs, Building, Lego Robotics, California History, Comics, Spanish and Yearbook. These days, I don’t have much time to teach classes, but I’m always happy to talk about ideas other might have and want to share. My wife Logan, my son, Samuel, and my daughter, Willa all homeschool at ERCLC.