13 Jan

Heather Howard


Coming from the LA Unified School District, it took me a couple years to completely detox from public schooling. Fortunately I was able to and successfully homeschooled my son at ERCLC from 5th through 11th grade. He graduated a year early and has moved on to a successful university career. After taking an eight year career break I have joined ERCLC as the Administrative Assistant…a shift that feels less like a career move and more like a welcome home party.

In my previous Los Angeles-based incarnation, I graduated from UCLA with a BA in English Literature and owned a business catering to the whims and fancies of Hollywood celebrities. After writing a Harper Collins published book about those adventures, my son and I moved back to Visalia where I was raised. Since then we lived briefly in London, England while (or is that whilst?) filming a TV show. We have traveled extensively throughout our lives and I now lead educational tours. As a school group we have traveled to France, England, Boston and NYC (university tours), Turkey, Greece and Italy. I believe with all my heart that travel is the best education for our children, exposing them to more than our little pocket of the San Joaquin Valley.