13 Jan

Jeff Alexander

[EDOPHOTO]-8999244I have been involved in education since the early 1980s and have a strong interest in the natural environment. One of the many joys of being at ERCLC is being involved in our property’s restoration and return to its native vegetation. As a farmer’s son, I spent the first quarter century of my life in the rural Midwest. I remember my mother’s replanting of some land returning it to a native prairie, and going with her in the spring to view wildflowers and pick morel mushrooms in an undisturbed woodland. My father was an accomplished marksman and hunter who innately understood weather, animal, and bird life.

One of my proudest accomplishments is raising five children. My wife, Darci, and I homeschooled all of our children and have seen them go on to successful careers. I know as the years go by I will see the same results in the students at ERCLC.

I began in private education where I taught 4th to 12th grades. In public education, I taught at an adult school in the high school diploma completion program, and later worked as a high school biology teacher. I have a California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential as well as single subject credentials in mathematics, biology, earth, health, and social science, language arts, and even agriculture. Here at ERCLC, I am responsible for the science component for middle and high school.