03 Jul

Leslie Crawford Finney


Born and raised in Sanger, CA, I was homeschooled through second grade. I graduated from Sanger High in 1997, and from Reedley College (where I fell in love with teaching in the ceramics lab) in 1999. I put myself through Fresno State by decorating ice cream cakes for Baskin Robbins and substitute teaching for Fresno Unified. In 2001, I graduated with a BA in Liberal Studies (which pretty much means I know a little bit about everything but not a whole lot about any one thing). I am a proud valley local through and through, I suppose. I went on to begin working on my multiple subject credential but took a break to start a family.

I always knew I would homeschool my own kids. Now, seven years into this journey I feel like I might actually have some of this stuff figured out. My two girls are going into seventh and fourth grade this coming year and have only known ERCLC as their school; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love to read, cook, bake, eat, camp, hike, nap, and garden. When I am not canning my own pizza sauce or pickling peppers I am happy to spend time with my family, my nine cats, and my twenty-two chickens.

I have taught art, printmaking, science, and PE for ERCLC and look forward to what’s next.