13 Jan

Matt Bastian

[EDOPHOTO]-8999247Hello, I am the History and Social Studies coordinator for grades 6-12.  It is my pleasure to work with families and staff at Eleanor Roosevelt to help homeschool families develop an enriching and engaging Social Studies curriculum.  Let me briefly explain my educational philosophy and background.


Education is personal and individual and this school achieves that like none I have experienced. I will do everything possible to provide students with the curriculum that is best suited for their needs and help them pursue their passions. If a particular method, curriculum, or resource is not working for you then feel free to ask me about other options available. One of the things from which I get the greatest satisfaction in life is learning, and I have never learned more than from teaching.


I went to college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where I received my B.S. in History and my single subject teaching credential in Social Science. I love the subject of history and learning about the progress of humanity over time. I am the first one to admit I do not have the entire history of the world memorized. History should not be about memorization but a practice in critical thinking, research, and mind-opening experiences to the world around us. I feel it is my main job to encourage students to find their own area of interest and help them in that process while I tie in larger historical themes.


A great way to get engaged with history is to participate in History Day. This is a nationwide competition centered around student research where students compete either individually or in groups of up to five in several categories. The county competition is in March but planning needs to start well in advance. Please contact me for more information.


I teach a variety of social science classes at school for students in grades 6-12: History Through Film, Current Events, Interactive Simulations, and Debate. Classes change each semester so if you have an idea for a class that you would be interested in, please let me know because chances are someone else would like it too.