13 Jan

Peggy Entz

          [EDOPHOTO]-8999248I love teaching what I teach and where I teach. ERCLC offers students (and teachers) opportunities for growth and creativity that are, sadly, rare in education. Over my fourteen years at the school I have taught a lot of different classes, but all of them have had to do with the written or spoken word. Reading, writing and acting are things that I love to do and that I love to share with students.

I began my teaching career in Los Angeles as a high school English and drama teacher in East L.A., and then moved to Sequoia High School Continuation School in Visalia. As I worked with my students, many of whom were struggling in school, I began to realize that the problem was not always with the student, but sometimes with the system of education that was forced upon them. I didn’t want to be “just another brick in the wall”…and that was what I was beginning to feel like in the traditional school setting.

My family joined the Eleanor Roosevelt family in 2000, the first year of the school, through homeschooling our oldest son. He returned to traditional school the next year, but Nate, my youngest son, and I stayed on. Nate graduated from high school here at ERCLC in 2015. He–along with other graduates from our school–is making his way successfully into college. I am so proud of the way our school has grown to support older and younger students. I love that we encourage students to not only do their best, but to be true to themselves and be their best selves.

It is a blessing to work here and be part of the lives of  the staff, the families and the children. Thank you!