"As one leaves town, drives towards the hills, turns past the Oak’s Preserve only to arrive at the quintessential white school house nestled amongst shady orchards of surrounding farms - one is instantly aware that they have left the world behind. This is a school for any family looking to tap into a community of fellow enthusiasts - budding writers, scientists, makers, thinkers, dreamers... a place where not only the kids, but the families as well, can come to enrich their homeschool experience. Where else do families find a learning environment that places as much emphasis on digging up weeds in the school gardening class as they do on using their 3-D printers to support their individual projects? Where else would you find a learning environment where teachers welcome family input, are not intimidated by new ideas and relish the diversity of their classrooms and the families they support? ERCLC has created an environment rich with opportunity, simplicity, ingenuity and freedom."
Becky Brown

"ERCLC is more than just a place to learn or get a diploma; it's hands on preparing students for life and their future, with a well-rounded education staff willing to help the students achieve their hopes and dreams out of life. Every student gets a tailored education to their needs and abilities."
Ashlie Standlee

"ERCLC offers a student something a regular school does not, it offers a student their independence. The student gets to make the majority of choices and decide their curriculum. They not only do the required work but also get to focus on the subjects that interest them the most. I can honestly say that ERCLC is a fantastic learning facility that is filled to the brim with loving, helping teachers!"
Madison Younce

"I wish I could express my feelings about this school! Alas, how do you describe home and family that isn't really but feels more like that than anywhere else."
Melissa Vaughan Grable