Our Mission Statement…

The Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center is dedicated to supporting and empowering parents and students to take an active role in designing and implementing an education program that ignites a passion for learning and stimulates the intellectual, emotional and physical health of the child.


Superintendent’s Message…


Daniel Huecker, Superintendent

Daniel Huecker, Superintendent

Welcome to ERCLC,

We are a public charter school designed to assist families in homeschooling their children.  We maintain a family friendly atmosphere and welcome the opportunity to support you and your family in the education of your children.  Each family is assigned a fully credentialed Education Coordinator to assist you in designing an educational program, and in locating materials and resources, to enhance the learning process.  ERCLC has been in operation for more than 10 years and, in the process, has identified a tremendous number of resources to assist you in homeschooling your student.  We have an extensive library of books and multimedia.  In addition, our families have full access to Tulare County Educational Resource Services, with even more resources and materials.

While most schools have eliminated, or greatly reduced, their enrichment programs, ERCLC offers a wide variety of enrichment and support classes. Some of our other classes include: drama, art, remote controlled airplanes, creative writing, gardening, archery and fencing.  Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds, and all have special training or experience in their subject area.  The electives are cross-age, and are offered Mondays through Thursdays.

Because parents are generally on campus when students are taking elective classes, they have the opportunity to network with other homeschooling parents.  Students also have the opportunity to interact with each other in a fun, warm and caring environment.  Lunchtime at ERCLC is a wonderful example of families and students of all ages interacting, having fun on the playground and enjoying lunch under the shade trees.

We look forward to supporting you and your family in a rich educational environment.


Daniel Huecker